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Cultural Appreciation Vs Appropriation: The Big Debate

Today, many companies that are selling fashion to people tend to sell some items expensively because they are indigenous. However, you will still get the same fashion items from other makers and have the same appearance selling at a lower price. Though both are great pieces, the pricing is different. Now, the buyers here get confused because there are appreciations or appropriations. In this write-up, we will be talking about cultural appreciation vs appropriation New York.

So, what does cultural appreciation mean? Now, cultural appreciation cannot be considered as a modern concept. This has been in existence for many years. In history, this term has been described as the adoption of practices from one culture to the next. If there is no syncretism, then the human race’s progress will be impossible. With this, people have accused others globally of appropriating their culture that is outside their own.

The fact is, with cultural appropriations, there is a thin line between traditional and indigenous cultures. Some cases here have become so exploitative that are unethical. Today, apart from fashion, you realize there is a plunder of cultural artifacts, traditions, and treasures. All these have contributed to examples historically, and they represent exploitation and even appropriations. The sad thing is, even with the plunder of cultures, many traditional treasures will have been returned to their original bases.

There are many cases and even examples of the exploitation or appropriation related to culture that brings profits. Here, you will see clothing companies selling and then appropriating some designs with symbols, and patterns, that are related and then derived from some indigenous cultures.

In such a case there, the line blurs more when celebrity influences start to inappropriately and appropriate sacred symbols of people’s traditional cultures. With the blurred lines seen here, there are no clear-cut deals done and the same trend continues.

Cultures are complex
cultural appreciation vs appropriation has never been that simple. This is because various cultures remain complex. These cultures have been historically determined and will be changing over time.

Today, many people in New York are living within the fantastically diverse cultural worlds. They are sharing each other’s culture which is a good indicator. These people appreciating different cultures make it more important as it has continued to help and make the community grow faster.

Today, sharing culture is an ideal concept if it is done mindfully. Even cultural appreciation remains best when not fad-inspired by others.

So, do you respect people’s culture, or you are there ripping it off? Nowadays, cultural appropriation has been taking various forms. It can be in the music industry where people come wearing various outfits that are considered other people’s culture. In the fashion industry, this is common also. In the celebrity world, this is more common.

The debate on cultural appreciation and appropriation is now nuanced. However, the best description here is that appropriation is mainly used to ridicule or mock people’s culture. It mainly involves the copying of influences like music, fashion labels, and lifestyle then use it to get personal gains.

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